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One Destination, Two Roads

On January 13 & 14, 2003, the Multiplicity Team travelled through the West bank along two different roads: One road, Highway 60, joining the colony of Kiriyat Arba to the colony of Kumin (in the company of an Israeli); the other road linking the city of Hebron to the city of Nablus (in the company of a Palestinian).
The two roads start and end in the same latitude, and even overlap at some points. Highway 60 lies within Zone C of the West Bank (fully controlled by Israel). The Hebron-to-Nablus route lies within Zone A of the West bank, but also crosses into Zones B and C (under Israel’s military control – hence potted by checkpoints).
Travelling time on Highway 60 (an exclusive route for Jews only) was 1 hour (shown on the left screen of the Video). Travelling time between Hebron and Nablus was 5.5 hours (shown on the right screen of the Video).
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