How did the Palestinian tragedy come about?

How was it that one nation, Palestine, which was under the protection of the League of Nations after WW1 and under the auspices of its Mandatory Power, Great Britain, from 1922 until 1948, got invaded, occupied and. eventually divided, ethnically cleansed of its indigenous population, slowly, systematically and forcefully by another group of people who initially came into the country as immigrants to escape the crimes inflicted upon them in Europe by other regimes?

How was it that the people who suffered from these crimes were deceitfully rewarded with a new state which they called Israel, carved out of the land of Palestine which hosted them? How was it that this so-called state was immediately recognised within 24 hours of its creation in May 1948, by two super powers, the United States and the Soviet Union and was given a place amongst civilised communities as a member of the United Nations within a year of its creation?

How was it that the world condoned such a deception and allowed it to continue over the years and well into the 21st Century while the victims of the crime, the 4.55 million Palestinian refugees languish in their miserable camps barely surviving on hand-outs from UNRWA and other humanitarian organisations?

Finally, how is it that, today, not a single civilised nation dare ask any of these questions, let alone seek answers to them?

With this website, we attempt to provide answers to most of these questions. We believe that the facts will speak for themselves and that the reader's fear to speak out will be dispelled and replaced by courage and personal conviction. (Refer to Aims and Objectives section).

In the words of Dr Salman Abu-Sitta, author of the impressive "Atlas of Palestine, 1948" (published  by The Palestine Land Society, 2004): "If the Israelis and others want to know why the conflict still persists today, they can review the information here [The Atlas of Palestine 1948] and wake up from their collective amnesia about what really happened in 1948".

As Oscar Wilde once said: "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth".