10 August 2016

Subject: Thank you!

Hi, My name is Pål Andre, I am a 32 year old norwegian national (please excuse my english).

I am writing this to your whole organisation – I wish to thank you for this informative website and for your efforts to spread knowledge about the atrocities commited in this conflict.

When I was very young I remember the genocide in Bosnia and in the news a link to the Israeli vs Palestinian was mentioned – the reaction from the news anchor was so brutal I started wondering what the story with Palestine was all about – this started a life long interest in this issue which (to my mind) has come to mirror the miscarriage of justice so common to the present political conduct of world governments.

That said, there is so much disinformation and so little which is being told about this specific conflict that talking about this conflict has become very, very difficult – reading through the material presented on this webpage has been a great help and for this I gave a thousand thank you's :-)

Kind regards, P. Nilsen