The Sun Will Rise: The Naksa

"A Stern Warning To Israel: The Right Of Palestinian Return is Enshrined in International Law". Click here.



If the Zionists believed that their victory in 1948 was some sort of a divine miracle and that the Palestinians fled in 1948 rather than were expelled, then "what was so heroic about 1948?" - Ilan Pappe in his latest book The Idea of Israel: A History of Power and Knowledge published by Verso.

"My homeland is not a suitcase, and I am no traveller" - Mahmoud Darwish, Palestine's poet

1948: LEST WE FORGET - How did Palestine come to this?

The Basle Programme; Illegal Jewish immigration; Zionist Leaders and the German Government WWI; Framing The Balfour Declaration 1917; Britain’s Part in Arming the Hagana; Jewish National Fund’s Land Acquisitions; Britain’s failings in safeguarding its Mandate; The Zionist Biltmore Programme May 1942; The Zionist Military Machine; Plotting UN Resolution 181; Pressure Politics on Britain and the US;

In parallel, the Hagana and Irgun terrorist groups initiated the following military operations within the framework of Plan Dalet between 1 April 1948 – 15 May 1948 employing over 27,000 well armed men and women: Operation Nachshon, Operation Harel, Operation Misparayim (Haifa), Operation Chametz, Operation Jevussi, Operation Yiftagh, Operation Matateh, Operation Maccabi, Operation Gideon, Operation barak, Operation Ben Ami, Operation Pitchfork and Operation Schfifon (Jerusalem).

An intricate and determined programme of ethnic cleansing at all levels of society and with all forms of suppression continues until this day against the Palestinian people inside Israel and within the Occupied Palestinian Territories: the construction of illegal Jewish settlements and their exclusive network of roads and highways that connects them, the building of the prison Wall robbing more Palestinians of their land and cutting off communities from their farms and groves, the demolition of Palestinian homes and the uprooting of olive trees, the forced evictions, the destruction of essential civilian infrastructure such as water supply and sanitation, the segregationist ‘legal’ system that favours Jews over Palestinians, the arbitrary arrests and detentions of civilians and their elected leaders and, to crown it all, the flagrant and consistent Israeli violations of International Law and all UN Resolutions. 

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