We are a loose group of multi-cultural/multi-desciplinary/multi-national individuals who share a single belief that an injustice had been orchestrated and implemented in Palestine since WW1. We do not pretend to be non-political because, as the world knows, everything about Palestine IS political.

Underpinning our beliefs, aims and objectives is an unrelenting struggle to end the Zionist colonisation and occupation of historic Palestine. The inhumanity of this occupation, the longest in modern history, came about as a consequence of political manoeuvers by Zionist leaders in collaboration with world powers who had a political agenda with misguided narrow interests and utilising political means (supplemented by military and terror tactics) to achieve a political aim: the ethnic cleansing of an indigenous people of over 1 million Palestinians and replacing them with another people, exclusively Jewish, imported from outside.

Our aim, therefore, is:

1. To expose the Zionist lies which, for far too long, have been presented and accepted as the true scenario of how Israel came about in 1948; to raise awareness of the tragic events that befell and continue to engulf historic Palestine and its people as a result of these Zionist lies; to salvage a piece of history which has been cruelly erased and simply forgotten; by sourcing information from de-classified official documents from Zionist government archives. This will allow the general public to exercise the right to speak without fear and to judge without prejudice. 

2. To call for the Right of Return of all Palestinian refugees to their homes in all of historic Palestine to be re-affirmed and re-asserted under International Law and in accordance with all relevant United Nations Resolutions. This Right of Return remains non-negotiable and must apply to those Palestinians who are not UNRWA registered refugees, should they choose to return.

3. To campaign for equitable and fair restitution and compensation for destroyed, damaged or stolen Palestinian properties and for lost wealth and income for those who fled out of fear or were expelled ever since 1948.

4. To celebrate the rich and colourful culture of the vibrant Palestinian society and its people by promoting it beyond the confines of the refugee camps and the borders of a cruelly occupied territory.

5. To plan, organise and promote cultural activities through media, music, film, architecture and art exhibitions, theatre performances and public debates.

We believe in the single democratic state within the borders of historic Palestine with equal rights for all its citizens. Any attempt at negotiations which does not address this one goal is bound to fail miserably. For many decades now, all past negotiations which had been conducted outisde this framework had failed miserably.