The Massacres

In their drive to gain control of not only the part of Palestine allocated to the Jewish State under UN Resolution 181, but also land allocated to the Palestinian State, the Zionist forces committed the following massacres:

Al-Tira Massacre: December 1947

Haifa Oil Refinery Massacre: December 1947

Balad el-Sheikh Masacre: December 1947

Yehiday Massacre: December 1947

Khisas Massacre: December 1947

Qazaza Massacre: December 1947

Jaffa Massacre: January 1948

Semiramis Hotel (Jerusalem) Massacre: January 1948

Sa'sa' Massacres: February and October 1948

Cairo-Haifa Train Massacre: March 1948

al-Lajjun Massacre: April 1948

Deir Yasin Massacre: April 1948

Qaluniya Massacre: April 1948

Ayn el-Zaytoun Massacre: May 1948

Abu Shusha Massacre: May 1948

al-Tantura Massacre: May 1948

Beit Daras Massacre: May 1948

Al-Burayr Massacre: May 1948

Lydda Massacre: July 1948

al-Dawayima: Massacre October 1948

Safsaf Massacre: October 1948

Saliha Massacre: October 1948

Eilaboun Massacre: October 1948

Hula Massacre: October 1948

The Dayr al-Balah & Khan Younis Massacre: January 1949...

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